Manage the Product Development Process

Project’s MVP scope has been translated into a PRD and is now ready to move into the development phase.

The development team has adopted Agile Scrum methodology principles to manage their development cycle.

Each sprint runs for 2 weeks followed by a release to the production environment.

Various scenarios that a PM typically faces or is expected to carry out during the development phase:

  • Create a project blueprint that can be used by either you or the involved stakeholders to understand their role, task, and targeted milestones.
  • Plan for a sprint meeting to ensure that the team is able to understand and focus on the deliverable.
  • Respond to different scenarios that may require you to reprioritize the sprint backlog or manage expectations with stakeholders accordingly.
  • Apply learnings from the course to understand the API documentation and use this information to engage with the scrum team accordingly.

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