The power of Energy Healing and a whole-body approach

“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.”

― Eric Micha’el Leventhal

With my de Quervain, peroneal tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer elbow, the stress in my neck and shoulders…, I was convinced that I will live like this, and I will only get worse. I already lost my hope in modern medical science to see my body as a whole. Go to a hand doctor, podiatrist, someone who specializes in the jaws, I would just keep thinking and keep getting such broken pieces of advice from all over.

Somewhere deeper in my heart I was seeking a pain-free day or two, just to remind myself how it feels to be in a pain-free body. A few months back, I started going to a masseuse, who was amazing and I started seeing slow improvements in me. My neck suddenly started moving after a few sessions. She understood my knots around de Quervain that doctors could not heal with steroids. Yet, I knew that it would require continued maintenance for a long time.

January 1st, 2022 was a special date and truly new year for me. I met her husband. He held my hands and checked my pulses. He sensed my energy. He told me that I was an optimistic person and I should take my past difficult experiences as lessons learned and let go. My future is bright. 

He treated me with a ‘massage’, that is how he refers to it in his broken English. It was a combination of acupressure, massage, bone fixing, and some special herbal ointment and powder. I felt my body generated some kind of pain-relieving hormones due to that. My inflammation started reducing and though it is just the beginning of the process, my body is more pain-free than ever. 

Energy healing is powerful and something cannot be addressed with specialized or individualized body part treatment approaches. Energy healing happens in layers and also can or cannot be completed in a lifetime.

I had my first introduction to energy healing when I was in India to complete my college. I learned Reiki and I still practice on me for emotional healing and physical healing purposes. That practice was on hold for a while but it continued and was more intuitive than before when I was healing my trauma after divorce.

Later, I went to a three days silent course by Art of Living and it was very powerful to get rid of what did not serve me. Sound healing is another form of energy healing and again very powerful and it helped me to clean some of my chakras.

We are connected to people around us based on our frequencies, as we shift our frequency, we connect with people in that frequency. That is why transition and change are constantly happening in this world. As I practiced more energy healing, I realized oneness with this world.

I am very intuitive about other people’s feelings. Even if the person on the other side is on a webcam or on a phone call, I would sense his/her discomfort, happiness, or motive, as we call it vibes. I would also sometimes sense what is coming in the next few days.

Yet, I should learn to trust my gut more, sometimes it is a dream world or external people giving me information about that too! And that is why I am generally the first one to quit toxic or difficult culture. Or when an earthquake happened in 2011 in Washington DC, I was on the 6th floor and I rushed out of the door shouting earthquake very first.

I continued my meditation and Reiki by joining a meditation place where I would go 4-5 times a week for a year and meditate with the group pre-COVID. Meditation in a group is a lot more powerful than when you practice individually. I also experienced collective consciousness there when I was going through a toxic work culture where I was missing support from my teammates. I was in the group holding hands and we all were passing reiki in a clockwise direction. I suddenly felt relief for a few seconds and a lady sitting opposite to me announced that someone was healing as she sensed my healing.

My friend is a healer. One day, I was going with her in the car and I was having some pain. She sensed it and asked me about it. It went away in a few minutes and suddenly she said, it should be gone now, I can feel that. I was about to tell her that!!

I sensed the birth of my nephew at home when he was born in the hospital during COVID time and we could not go with my brother and sister-in-law. That is what exactly my mom felt too!!

We all have this power and I am sure some of you are empaths, psychs, or intuitive people. It is very powerful to recognize our energy and heal ourselves for the betterment of this world 🙂

I am absolutely looking forward to what more healing 2022 will bring!!

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